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Wer in der Kreativwirtschaft mit geistig-schöpferischen Leistungen erfolgreich sein will, muss wissen wie man diese a) schützt und b) verwertet. Bei beidem hilft das Kreativwirtschaftsdepot.

Gerin Trautenberger, Vorsitzender der Kreativwirtschaft Austria

About Kreativwirtschaftsdepot

The Kreativwirtschaftsdepot provides secure registration of authorship of creative workings, no matter if it's photography, poetry, a series of mp3 files or an open source software project. If somebody infringes the license associated to your work, your registration helps to prove your authorship.

In order to register your work, you need to sign-up. The trust level associated to your work is highest, if you use a personal certificate, such as by You can choose, which personal data is visible to others. After uploading a release of your work, we generate a hash code and request a secure timestamp from A-cert. You can generate yourself or order a printed and signed certificate, which you may file with your contracts.

The timestamp is stored for 35 years by A-cert. We store the hash code for at least 7 years. Your work is being stored by fair-use principles. We do not guarantee its availablity, depending on used disk and backup space. Even if we do our best to have the data available 24/7, we can not be liable for data loss.

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Kreativwirtschaftsdepot is provided by fairkom for Kreativwirtschaft Austria.

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Kreativwirtschaft Austria is taken care of the creative sector in Austria.

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